Justin King Artist Bio

Justin King is a St. Louis based painter and sculptor.  With unusual mediums such as cardboard and papier mache, he creates animals and pop influenced sculptures. His papier mache animal busts fool your eye into believing they’re cast bronze while his cardboard sculptures surprise you with their detail and form.  His paintings range from colorful fluid abstracts to stylized portraits. He sells work at New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, Houska Gallery and through private sales.

He works out of his in home studio in the historic neighborhood of Tower Grove Heights, where he lives with his wife, son.


Risk free. That’s right… You can commission a custom painting without any obligation to buy. You have that new space and a color theme going on. One, just send me a picture or list some colors you would like. Two, choose a size. Make sure you measure the space and know what you want. Then I’ll send you a confirmation email and get to work.

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