Risk free. That’s right… You can commission a custom painting without any worry that you won’t love it after your purchase. You have that new space and a color theme going on. One, just send me a picture or list some colors you would like. Two, choose a size. Make sure you measure the space and know what you want. Then I’ll send you a confirmation email and get to work. Time frame depends on volume and I can usually give you a good idea when I send you the confirmation email.

Finally I’ll send you an email with the finished product where you can ok it. If for any reason—it wasn’t what you expected, reminds you of your ex, or your pet cockatoo won’t enjoy it—no big deal. Just let me know and we can edit it or start over. Why am I willing do this? It’s a win win win. Look, I paint everyday. So if you give me a size and a color palette to work in and you don’t like it, no big deal. I’ll just add it to my inventory. I won’t present anything I am not proud of so you’ll know you will be getting my best. If you can’t find that perfect piece in the inventory, just let me know. With a little direction we can make something together. Cheers…


A picture & list of colors

First, just send me a picture or list some colors you would like.

Fill Out Form

Second, fill out commission form with specific details for the commission piece

Choose a Size

Third, choose a size for the piece. Make sure you measure the space

Finished Product

 I’ll send you a confirmation email with estimated time and answer any questions.

Helpful Tips

  • Load a sample or image as a reference
  • If you have a color palette please share
  • Share some sentimental words or experiences to represent the piece
  • Load a picture of where maybe the art piece will be placed

24" x 24"

30" x 40"

40" x 60"

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