Color. Movement. Texture. Emotion. I want to give you these things. I want to deliver affordable, original art that you love. Something unique, that nobody else has – at the same price as mass-produced, store-bought art. Something ready to hang, that looks great in your living space. Something new to discover each time you look at it.  I want you to have something real, created by someone real, that makes you feel something real. That is what art should do.

I have always enjoyed creating, no matter the medium. The colors and movement of a piece are usually what strike me the most. I am never really sure how something will turn out, but get excited about the process as the work develops.

I love the city of St. Louis and our Tower Grove neighborhood. I love my wife and two dogs. I love people who are truly dedicated to their craft, be it art, music, film or food. I hope you love your art.   

—Justin King



Risk free. That’s right… You can commission a custom painting without any obligation to buy. You have that new space and a color theme going on. One, just send me a picture or list some colors you would like. Two, choose a size. Make sure you measure the space and know what you want. Then I’ll send you a confirmation email and get to work.